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Q. How Long before you can do my job?

A. The most you are likely to wait would be 4 weeks for a confirmed job but the average wait would be about 2 weeks.

Q. What's better bevelled joints or grinder cut joints?

A. Well first I'll explain the difference between them. A bevelled joint is made by a tool that is used when the limestone is still wet. Grinder cut joints are cut with an angle gringer the next day when it is dry.

Really its personal preference as to what you like better. Both have a range of patterns and both can be very affective.

Q. How Long before I can walk on it?

A. You can walk on the Limestone the next day but it is very important that you have clean shoes on, dirty shoes and especially dirty feet will stain the limestone very easily in the first week of it being poured as it is still curing.

The best way to avoid stains is to seal it as soon as possible.

Q. How Long before I can drive on it?

A. In the case of driveways we recommend you wait at least 5 days after it is poured and also that it is sealed before you drive on it.

Q. How do you pour it?

A. We pour walk on areas between 70 to 80 millimetres thick and driveways at 100 millimetres thick.

Q. Can Limestone Crack?

A. All concrete and Limestone Products crack but its our job to make sure it cracks where you can't see it, which is along the main control lines that blend in with the pattern.

Cracks that run off these lines and through the pattern are know as visual cracks.

Even though in the past visual cracking was rare occurrence for us, we at Easy Pour Limestone now have a new technique to combat visual cracking. It has been extremely effective.

Q. What do we do about sealing the Limestone?

A. When it comes to sealing the Limestone there are a couple of options. We can seal the limestone for you or we can supply the sealer on its own and you can apply it yourself which on a large job would save you a considerable amount of money, and what we supply is cheaper than what you can get it for at the hardware stores.

To view some of our work in person please feel free to drive by any of our previous driveway jobs.
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Easy Pour Liquid Limestone Perth, Western Australia